About enterprise

The head office of IE "Vepaly Yol" is located in Balkanabat. The company works closely with partners from Turkey, UAE, USA, China, Germany, Russia and other CIS countries, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently carry out all types of transport and logistics services, both on the territory of Turkmenistan and abroad.

Rail transportation

Sea freight



IE "Vepaly Yol" offers services for Intra-city, Intercity, International air / rail / sea and land transportation of goods, as well as the provision of customs brokerage services on the territory of Turkmenistan. Extensive work experience and professionalism of our company's employees will ensure safe and timely delivery of your cargo, while maintaining control throughout the entire transportation. "Vepaly Yol" is your reliable partner in the field of logistics, your time is our priority.

Rail transportation

IE "Vepaly Yol" provides a range of services to ensure guaranteed delivery of goods:

  • Consultation on the organization of transportation;
  • Calculation of tariffs for rail transportation;
  • Development of the optimal transportation route;
  • Calculation of schemes and sketches of placement and fastening of cargo in the wagon;
  • Control of loading and securing cargo;
  • Registration of railway consignment notes and a complete package of transport documentation;
  • Organization of transportation of oversized, heavy, dangerous, specific cargo;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Tracking wagons along the entire route and timely informing the customer about the location of the cargo.

Sea freight

The experience of our specialists in the field of container transportation allows us to provide a full range of services:

  • Full forwarding services for sea cargo;
  • Development of optimal routes for the carriage of goods by sea;
  • Transportation of dry cargo in 20, 40 feet and HQ containers;
  • Loading and unloading operations and cargo securing;
  • Cargo handling and weighing;
  • Customs clearance of cargo in ports;
  • Storage of cargo in ports;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Monitoring the movement of containers and promptly informing the client.

Road freight

IE “Vepaly Yol” provides the following transport services:

  • Organization of truck haulage ;
  • Container shipping by automobile transport;
  • Organization of transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes by specialized vehicles
  • Providing a full set of supporting documents
  • Insurance of cargo
  • Customs clearance;
  • Monitoring the movement of containers and prompt representation of client.


IE “Vepaly Yol” provides air cargo services worldwide. The basic principle of the company reliable and timely air cargo delivery, taking into account all the wishes of the Customer.

The list of provided services includes:

  • Organization of transportation of both standard cargo and charter flights
  • Cargo delivery from door-to-door
  • Providing transit traffic
  • Storage;
  • Insurance Services
  • Loading-unloading operations;
  • Reservation of free cargo spaces on the aircraft;
  • Registration of a full package of documentation;
  • Forwarding.


IE “Vepaly Yol” provides a full range of container transportation services:

  • Calculation of the minimum cost of transporting goods in the direction of interest
  • Transportation of dry goods in 20, 40 foot and HQ containers
  • Container shipping by sea freight
  • Container transportation by railway transportation
  • Container transportation by road freight
  • Container delivery from door-to-door
  • Providing a full set of supporting documents
  • Additional services for processing supporting documentation
  • Storage and terminal handling of goods
  • Cargo insurance
  • Monitoring the movement of containers and prompt representation of client about location of the goods.


At your service, we are ready to provide warehouses for storing goods. At your request, we will unload, load or reload cargo from a container or car into a wagon, container, car or vice versa.

  • The list of provided services includes:
  • Storage of goods on demand and customer recommendations
  • Short-term and long-term responsible storage of goods
  • Terminal cargo handling (reception, assembly, dispatch)
  • Loading and unloading operations using highly qualified staff and technical equipment
  • Calculation of loading schemes
  • Sorting, picking, distribution;
  • Professional packaging for the transport of fragile or unpackaged goods.


We will offer you several options for transportation of your cargo in containers or wagons by sea, cars or by rail way with overload in another transport or without overload. The combination of land and sea transportation allows us to provide flexible and efficient solutions for the delivery of goods.

The list of provided services includes:

  • Coordination of activities of all participants in the transport process;
  • Multimodal transportation with a full range of cargo operations
  • Warehouse handling services
  • Loading-unloading operation;
  • Storage, consolidation and distribution of goods;
  • Registration of customs and accompanying documents
  • Insurance of Goods
  • Cargo movement control and delivery time.

We offer

  • Customs clearance of your goods with the calculation of the optimal transportation schemes and costs of customs procedures
  • Registration of any customs procedure, declaration
  • Consolidation of goods with the subsequent picking of consignments for shipment to the final recipient;
  • Handling and sorting operations
  • Customs clearance and declaration of goods according to relevant customs regimes
  • Flexible system of discounts for complex services (transportation + customs clearance);
  • Determination of customs codes of goods for import into the territory of Turkmenistan;
  • Preparation and submission of the necessary documents for customs clearance.


Our company provides a range of services for customs clearance of goods imported to Turkmenistan, exported from Turkmenistan, as well as transit goods that are sent through Turkmenistan to other countries.


office address

Turkmenistan, Balkanabat,
Hazar Shopping Center TSTB
4th floor Office No. 1.